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In a Role Where You Deal with People? Stop Them from Raining on Your Parade!

3 Apr 2018 8:06 AM | Anonymous

Thinking positive can get a person a long way in this world, for success. But why is it so important in a role where we deal with others on a consistent basis?

Because we are around people all the time, doesn’t mean that it is always fun, or all people are fun! …or nice!  You know what I mean?  It can get lonely out there and tough to stay positive on some days.

What can happen? Whatever we hear, our mind picks them up and finds a way to deal with them. Our subconscious mind is like a guide. It only knows how to find a path to something. So, if we think (or hear) negative thoughts, it will find a path to make that thought a reality.

Here is an example: If a person is trying to lose weight and keeps saying to themselves, “I am so fat” (Consciously), the subconscious will guide the person to continue being fat.

It’s the same when we hear things around us. The old cliché, “You are who you hang around” is really true. Our subconscious mind is where our behaviors are driven from.

In order to keep a positive mindset, we need to DECIDE what the goal will be, with those less than positive people, prior to any interaction.

Is it to just communicate information? 

Win a debate?

Give encouraging words?

Once you decide, before the conversation, your “reactions” will be less negative, as you had already decided how to control your own behavior.

Don’t let negative or difficult customers or team members’ rain on your parade! Take control, practice self-management, and gain confidence.  It starts with you and your mindset first!

PS. Using your top 5 Strengths to reframe how you think, is one of the best places to start. What are your top 5? Find out HERE.

Celebrating Your Unique Genius,

Lori and Shari