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New Online Course Starting Friday, March 27

A Strengths-Based Approach to

The 5 Levels of Leadership

The five levels of leadership describe a path of personal growth every leader experiences,

from learning how to improve your personal relationships with your team members so that

they believe in your vision,  buy into a teamy concept and help you help them

so they ALSO want to lead more people.

Join us for this unique TEACHING that includes how to access your Top 5 Talents, according

to the CLiftonStrengths assessment, to climb the levels. 

This is for you if you are leading your family, a small group, a not for profit

or a large team! 


Strong Communities® is being used to help Leaders, Managers, Communities and Individuals achieve success

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For the very first time, the 2019 Rebuilding Tennessee Award through TN Development District Association was given to Strong Communities for helping to ‘build Leadership Infrastructure’.


Southwest Tennessee Development District received the 2018 Innovation Award by National Association of Development Organizations, for adopting and forwarding the Strong Communities Movement .

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Since May of 2018- The movement for communities to become Strengths-Based has grown.  Strong Communities® is now in

14 states, Peru and Canada.

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