Access YOUR Unique Leadership Blueprint

~ Are you feeling leadership fatigue?

~ Are you searching for ways to keep your team (& yourself) encouraged?

~ Do you need to reenergize?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, please join us for this transformational leadership retreat powered by the sciences of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and CliftonStrengths®.

March 17-20, 2022 

Evins Mill Resort in Smithville, TN

Leading From Within provides an experiential roadmap for discovering your Leadership Genius by first identifying and understanding your innate patterns via the CliftonStrengths® Assessment, then applying NLP principles and modalities to:

Master Your Emotions     

~ Control how you process incoming information   

~ Change how you respond to circumstances

How you feel is a choice you make, not something that just happens. Mastering your emotions will help you consciously choose, rather than simply react to situations with an emotional feeling that is less than helpful to you or to those you lead.

CliftonStrengths© is a statistically validated assessment backed by over 50 years of research. It reveals an individual’s Top 5 most instinctive patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. These patterns, referred to as Talent Themes, serve as the prism through which you process information and your emotions which drives your behavior.

NLP is an acronym for the science of “Neuro-Linguistic Programming”. Our brains (neuro) use language (linguistic) and patterns (programming) to create meaning.

Our Intention

To provide respite, restoration and inspiration to Leaders fatigued by recent unprecedented conditions while equipping each leader with a transformational leadership toolkit.

Liz Ellerman, NLP Master, Practitioner/Trainer         Lori WeirFounder & CEO of Strong Communities®           

You Can Expect to:          

- Discover your Instinctive Leadership Blueprint

- Understand and Integrate the science of NLP & Strengths
to optimize YOUR Leadership Genius

- Identify and apply Neuro-Linguistic Programming Modalities through YOUR:

Representational systems, Pre-suppositions, and Modal Operators

- Feel Rejuvenated, Inspired and Equipped to lead with even more confidence

- Connect with a cohort of extraordinary leaders

Look forward to enjoying...

~~ Three days of transformational programming presented at
the beautiful Evins Mill woodland resort in Smithville,TN

~~ Your choice of a private king room 
at either Creek Side Evergreen or Solstice Lodge 

~~ Fresh, seasonal, chef-curated meals

~~ Evening Happy Hour each night with hors d'oeuvres

~~ Opening keynote address provided by Kris Kelso, author 
of Overcoming The Impostor: 
Silence Your Inner Critic and Lead with Confidence, published in January 2021.  Kris is also a 
leadership advisor, and certified executive coach.  

~~ Closing keynote address:  Before you head out on Sunday, join us for breakfast and our closing keynote speaker, Liz Allen Fey.  Liz is Founder and former CEO of Strategy and Leadership, LLC, as well as Founder of Nashville Emerging Leaders.  Her work with corporations, organizations and communities builds on her 20 years of being a manager, leader, consultant and coach

~~ A live Indy/Country musical performance by Lyman Ellerman, known for powerful music that cleanses the soul.   Two of Lyman's latest album cuts released in Europe have charted as #1 and #2!

I've been a Strengths enthusiast for many years and thought I knew all I needed to know. Leading From Within was my first exposure to the science of NLP and learning how it truly compliments Strengths work.  I'm totally sold on the value that this combination wields toward leadership excellence.  The entire experience was well done, thought provoking, and I'm looking forward to putting what I learned into  practice.   I was fortunate enough to make some new friends, too! 

Letha Edwards, CEO

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