Passionate about Strengths?

In response to requests from strengths enthusiasts at every knowledge level, we are excited to offer Master the 34! This course will deepen your understanding of each of the 34 Talent Themes that comprise the research behind Gallup's CliftonStrengths Assessment.

Whether you completed the CliftonStrengths assessment just moments ago, years ago or are using Strengths professionally as a coach or consultant, this course is for you!

Thoughtfully designed as a self-paced, easy-to-follow roadmap, this Master the 34 course offers the flexibility for learning the Talent Themes in any order that most serves you. Whether you choose to start with your own Top 5 or to explore the talent themes of family members or colleagues first, the knowledge you will gain from better understanding the 34 Talent Themes will help you:

 Orange Check Mark Become a More Effective Communicator
Orange Check Mark Heighten Your Emotional Intelligence
Orange Check Mark Expanded Your Ability to Connect        with People
Orange Check Mark Feel Empowered to Contribute with Confidence in any Community 

Master the 34 is a learning component offered by Strong Communities®, a global movement that focuses on what is OH SO RIGHT with people and communities of all kinds.

This suite of strengths-based education and application empowers community leaders with an approach that attracts and retains people and resources that result in a stronger workforce, local economy and better community outcomes.

Hear what leaders in Jackson, TN have to say about Strong Communities®

New to Strengths-based Methodology?

According to Gallup Research, people who play to their strengths every day feel 6x more engaged at work and enjoy 3x the wellbeing of their weakness-fixing peers.

The strengths-based development approach is unique, powerful and is impacting community outcomes near and far.

Why apply a Strengths-based development approach in a community?

What is Clifton StrengthsFinder©?

StrengthsFinder© is an online personal assessment test designed to outline the user‘s strengths.  Decades of research have shown that the talents most directly related to the potential for success can be grouped into 34 Themes, such as Achiever, Arranger, Adaptability, Relator, etc..

What is Strengths-based talent development?

Strengths-based development strategy starts by focusing on what people do well. It then emphasizes and builds on those strengths to help individuals become even more productive.

What are the Anticipated Outcomes ?

Focus on individual/team strengths and manage around weaknesses
Manager understands, applies and develops team members’ unique talents for success
Manager integrates his/her leadership style and individualizes his/her approach to each team member
Team members can work best together to accomplish goals and performance objectives
Manager and his/her teams will be more engaged and productive in their role(s)

The Master the 34 Course includes: 

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Course Path Progress Tracking via Online Fillable PDF
CliftonStrengths standard definitions for each Talent Theme

Historical Overview of CliftonStrengths evolution

Image result for Free Green Check Mark Icon Transparent      Training video for each Talent Theme including:

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1. Full Gallup Definition

2. Theme Characteristics in both RAW and REFINED states

3. Contrasting Statements to provide distinction between themes

4. Personal Theme Insights via Insightful Interviews s

5. Your choice of printable participant sheets or Online Fillable PDF's

Note: The 34 Themes of Talent resident within the CliftonStrengths Assessment are wholly owned by Gallup, Inc.

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