"Unique Genius in 33" Recordings

Talent Theme: ACHIEVER  https://youtu.be/p0fSVjs7sxg

   Guest:  Paisleigh Kelley Devoe, Writer

Talent Theme: ACHIEVER  https://youtu.be/n7xCCrE2oRY

   Guest:  Angie Counce, VP Operations at Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc.

Talent Theme: ACTIVATOR       https://youtu.be/8rN_rLkgUGQ

     Guest: Desha Hearn, Strong Communities® Facilitator I1

Talent Theme: ACTIVATOR  https://youtu.be/ekiqx1wvBJQ

   Guest:  Letha Edwards, President of BigMeanKitty, Greater Nashville Area, TN

Talent Theme: ADAPTABILITY  https://youtu.be/8qo2QI9c0ks

   Guest:  Lucia Escobar, Panama (Strengths Coach)

Talent Theme: ADAPTABILITY https://youtu.be/JQ8UvicFlow

   Guest:  Anna Pilon, Life Coach and Dream Agent, Canada

Talent Theme: ANALYTICAL    https://youtu.be/MiqetDYJLyc

   Guest:  Chris Townsend, Washington, DC (Assistant Director for Business and Resource AJC Department)

Talent Theme: ANALYTICAL    https://youtu.be/LnvpXBxMdpo

 Guest: Paige Patten, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Greater Las Vegas Area, NV

Talent Theme: ARRANGER      https://youtu.be/z83nEAKXorE   

 Guest:  Derria Ford, Ed.D,  Deputy Director of Community Engagement and Communications at Legal Aid Society of Middle     Tennessee and the Cumberland

 Talent Theme: ARRANGER     https://youtu.be/CLnFZseHaWY     

 Guest:  Steve Strong, St. Louis Metro (Federal RR Inspector) 

Talent Theme: BELIEF  https://youtu.be/eU5u9MiA5YE

   Guest:  Sara Kelly, Federal Government Researcher, San Francisco, CA

Talent Theme: BELIEF  https://youtu.be/dK8WErsfb1A

   Guest: Terry Colquitt, Actress, Director and Voice Over, Knoxville, TN

Talent Theme: COMMAND  https://youtu.be/giKsQKLrtvY

   Guest: Celeste LaReau, Speaker Booking Agent and Certified Strong Communities® I2 Facilitator, Greater Nashville Area, TN

 Talent Theme: COMMAND https://youtu.be/51yv46nqmZ

   Guest:  Bianca Capo, Charlotte, NC (Organizational and Leadership Coach

Talent Theme: COMMUNICATION https://youtu.be/HYba3pzlq6g

   Guest: Christine Richter, Education Consultant, NJ

 Talent Theme: COMMUNICATION https://youtu.be/rSByuxTRkvQ

   Guest: Lisa Braithwaite, Public Speaking Coach

 Talent Theme: COMPETITION  https://youtu.be/7p_oSNGvDu0

   Guest:  Michael Goold, Chief of Police (ret) and Team Coach, St. George, UT

 Talent Theme: COMPETITION  https://youtu.be/-Eyga9wKDp8

   Guest:  Kyle Spurgeon, President/CEO, Jackson (TN) Chamber

Talent Theme: CONNECTEDNESS  https://youtu.be/FNzVwKnLcK0

   Guest:  Jamie Sanders- Reverend, Unity Church of Pensacola

Talent Theme: CONNECTEDNESS  https://youtu.be/3RnMEicMw_Y

   Guest:  Taylor Tagg, Sr. Business Services Coordinator for City of Memphis, Life Improvement Coach

 Talent Theme: CONSISTENCY  https://youtu.be/yY-kHIq-AS0

   Guest:  Wendi Knape, Michigan- Artist

 Talent Theme: CONTEXT            https://youtu.be/P0d-QG-vPAs

   Guest: Al DaSilva, CEO & Founder of Da Silva Consulting

 Talent Theme: CONTEXT            https://youtu.be/qiZ2at-5y-w

   Guest: Jo Mettenburg, Attorney for Federal Government, Kansas City, MO

Talent Theme: CONTEXT            https://youtu.be/JV-aOMLTyGw

  Guest: Kathryn Somers, Georgia- Pottery Artist

Talent Theme: DELIBERATIVE     https://youtu.be/0bPmdudnUXI

   Guest:  Jeff Ottman, Partner, EVP of Mid-South Operations for Holladay Properites, Nashville, TN      

Talent Theme: DEVELOPER  https://youtu.be/xKaVdvNZ18k 

   Guest:  Jana Cardona, BNI Franchise Owner and Strong Communities® I2 Facilitator, Greater Memphis Area, TN

Talent Theme: DEVELOPER   https://youtu.be/9UzOLDgGynE

   Guest:  Tonia Long, Amarillo, TX (Personal Coach)  

Talent Theme: DISCIPLINE    https://youtu.be/zTyv1ww5mL0

   Guest:  Aeriel Emig, Chief of Staff at FINCA Impact Finance, Washington, D.C.

Talent Theme: EMPATHY    https://youtu.be/D_e3iVonSYs

   Guest:  Dr. Denise Schoenbachler, Professor of Marketing of Northern Ill. University

Talent Theme: FOCUS    https://youtu.be/zTyv1ww5mL0

   Guest:  Michael Overby, General Manager of CDI Budweiser, Jackson, TN

Talent Theme: FUTURISTIC    https://youtu.be/qrzNiQZfag0

   Guest:  Mayor Joe Brooks of Claiborne County, TN.

Talent Theme: HARMONY       https://youtu.be/96tqv9anjRw

   Guest:  Ginny Hicks, Branch Manager of Botetourt Bank, Botetourt County VA

Talent Theme: HARMONY       https://youtu.be/XUcFc7_i-wM

   Guest:  Gilda Younis, Lebanon- Coach

Talent Theme: INCLUDER       https://youtu.be/rTP5GoT5-P0

  Guest:  Bree Taylor, Wellness Coach

Talent Theme: IDEATION      https://youtu.be/s1q9EaYpJOw

  Guest:  Donna Gardner, Michigan- Not for Profit Consultant

Talent Theme: INDIVIDUALIZATION       https://youtu.be/Yg6ueu-Jw4I

  Guest:  Tiffany Coursey, Nashville, TN- SVP, Human Resources Midsouth Operations at Holladay Properties

Talent Theme: INPUT       https://youtu.be/vnipFcP3UTo

  Guest:  Mark Cardona, Memphis Area,  BNI Franchise Owner and Strong Communities® I2 Facilitator

Talent Theme: INTELLECTION   https://youtu.be/ndPScjwxf14

   Guest:  Mercedes Cue

Talent Theme: LEARNER     https://youtu.be/3PaoaSulp28

     Amy Goodson, Assistant Vice President of People and Culture at Service One Credit Union Location: Bowling Green, KY

Talent Theme: LEARNER     https://youtu.be/odl9HC8w8A8

   Guest: Cindy Schueman, Director of Impact Leadership, Cookeville, TN

Talent Theme: LEARNER       https://youtu.be/H4Xodfa3it8

   Guest: Ronda Rosborough, Coach and Strong Communities® Facilitator, Greater Chicago area

Talent Theme: MAXIMIZER       https://youtu.be/mOpGTtgeObE

   Guest: Jo Self, President, Conscious Business Journey Location: Peru

Talent Theme: MAXIMIZER       https://youtu.be/ca1ID6Ba5tU

   Guest: Ken Barr Jr., Michigan- Certified Gallup Strengths Coach

Talent Theme: POSITIVITY     https://youtu.be/FYl4nxwvLuo

  Guest: Angela Howard, Knoxville, TN, Founder of Wildheart Expressive

Talent Theme: POSITIVITY     https://youtu.be/7WwUttEBDeQ

   Guest: Jeff Seay, Chattanooga, TN

Talent Theme: RELATOR      https://youtu.be/TeE_UbqeJLI

   Guest: Shari Strong, COO of Strong Communities®

Talent Theme: RESPONSIBILITY     https://youtu.be/RxqqHDfA49M

   Guest: Rebecca Mott, Manager of Emerging Technology for TVA

Talent Theme: RESPONSIBILITY     https://youtu.be/RxqqHDfA49M

   Guest: Jeff Gregg, Talent Agent with CAA

Talent Theme: RESTORATIVE     https://youtu.be/RtCCDJlAZEg

   Guest: Mike Lee, Chief Financial Officer at Indian Hills Community College

Talent Theme: SIGNIFICANCE        https://youtu.be/iGP3VzasTRQ

   Guest: Jennifer McNelly, Chief Executive Officer at American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP)

Talent Theme: SELF-ASSURANCE        https://youtu.be/oTbeAdjD_94

   Guest: Dean Wegner, CEO and Founder of Authentically American

Talent Theme: SELF-ASSURANCE        https://youtu.be/ALIOU5zJOxE

   Guest: Shari Strong, Great St. Louis Metro Area, COO of Strong Communities®

Talent Theme: STRATEGIC    https://youtu.be/iG02gKB5JyA

     Guest: Kat Frati, Strong Communities® Facilitator and Gallup Strengths Coach

Talent Theme: STRATEGIC       https://youtu.be/adX5vcRw6RQ

   Guest: Lori Weir, Jackson, TN, CEO of Strong Communities®

Talent Theme: WOO  https://youtu.be/b0fubgnbmho

   Guest:  Korey Adams, Escape Rooms, Jackson, TN 

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