Virtual Webinars

  • 1-2 Hour online courses delivered by a live instructor.
  • Participants interact with each other in real time.
  • Recordings available after webinar attended.


  • 3.5 Hr. Workshops 
  • Strong Communities: Optimizing  Business Outcomes
  • Strong Communities for Higher Education
  • Strong Communities for Faith Based Organizations
  • Interactive workshops that provide training that is actionable and lasting (Not a “Flavor of the Month” type training).

Online Seminars

  • Includes all of the Webinar features.
  • 3-5 sessions, held on the
    same day for consecutive weeks.
  • Deep-dive skills and concept development.

In an increasingly competitive global environment, quality is no longer considered a nice-to-have luxury. It's a requirement for successfully competing and surviving in the marketplace. While the concepts, tools, and procedures for quality and process improvement are now universally recognized and firmly placed in a large number of high-performing organizations around the world, it was not always so. The importance of quality in organizations has gone through a complete evolutionary cycle.

Why Organizations Are Not Strengths Based- CEO of Ritz Carlton

Leadership of ourselves or others, requires a balance of hard and soft skills, but until you hit management levels, you might not have considered how important leadership skills can be. Unfortunately, leadership skills don’t always come naturally — whether that’s communication, strategic budgeting, organizational planning or team-building. is your online resource to develop your skills or the skills of your team, with the investment being minimal


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